Home close to an airport. Will it hurt my resale value?

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I am looking at a home with an easement close to an airport. What should I know about that and will it hurt my resale value?


Answer: Yes

Yes, any property encumbrance will affect the property value.

The likely part though is this house is probably priced a little less than other homes in other areas for just this reason. Now if it’s priced above, then I’d recommend looking at offering less (usually a function of how many days it’s been on market.)

Now there are different types of easements that have varying degrees of negative impacts. Height restrictions are relatively minor in most cases… being in the flight path is much more likely to be a negative impact unless you are right on the fence line with the airport.

Compared to say, a major utility easement cutting across your backyard with 100-200 foot tall high voltage electric towers.

You will certainly want to check and see where the flight path goes there. It’s tricky because many times some runways only get used when the wind blows in a certain direction. But you are at least forewarned here to do some additional digging on this.

Kyle Sasser

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