Look at all these price reductions! That means prices are plummeting, right?

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Are prices really dropping with these home price reductions?

Answer: No

Highly location specific, but I can say this: People have extremely short memories when it comes to real estate for some reason and lose perspective.

YES, there have been more price reductions than usual. However, that does not mean that the median and average price is decreasing.

Price reduction DOES NOT MEAN that median and average prices are decreasing.

Here’s why: For the last 8 months or so, to price a home we would see what recent sales were (60 days max), add $20,000 – $50,000 to that number, and that would be the price. And the property would still sell.

What the current price reductions are is people (agents or property owners) adding that same buffer on top of provable sales to “take a swing” and see if there is still a buyer at that price.

This is also 100% normal seller behavior. Every seller wants the most money for their property.

Meanwhile, median and average prices are still higher even (20% in my location) even though inventory is up 40% to 80%!

Why is that? Residual buyer demand, and on good/great properties there will still be multiple offers.

The truth is that it will take months / years of this current trend building inventory to work through buyer demand and eventually hit a point where the median and average start to decline. We aren’t there yet (not even close actually).

I’ll be releasing my newest stats video covering this here this week:https://AshlarRE.com/stats

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Basically, we’re at a transition point. If you’ve been thinking about selling, now is the time. And for buyers, you will find more to choose from as this trend continues.

Kyle Sasser

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