SasserGroup is now Ashlar Home Team

So funny story….

Sasser is not a common last name.  It wasn’t until 8th grade I met someone that wasn’t directly related that had the same last name.  But once I was around 21 years old I started seeing it in more and more places.

I remember in 2003 people messaging 24-year-old me on AOL instant messenger thinking I was a 17 year old Kyle Sasser that played football for Lake Gibson High School.  I even actually found and talked to that Kyle Sasser which was… well, odd.  

Especially because at one point I lived no more than 1/2 a mile from him.  And while I did live and go to high school in Lakeland, anyone that knew me then would never have confused me with a football player…. in the slightest.

Fast forward 20 or so years.

As the real estate career progressed, I needed a team name as I grew and brought on additional Realtors to help with showings, listings, meetings, photographs, and all the nuts and bolt details it takes to help someone buy or sell their home.

Thus, SasserGroup

It was a good name.  After all Sasser is pretty memorable.  I even had a logo professionally designed and proceeded to put it on on Yeti mugs, golf balls, t-shirts, notebooks, etc.  You know… making it official!

Now fast forward to our decision to buy a home in Ohio, and expand the real estate business to Dayton.

Now, I know there are plenty of Sassers around.  A few in Plant City.  The before-mentioned football player who I believe is a high school coach.  And in a little central Alabama town called Opp it’s absolutely thick when them!  Sasser Meat.  Sasser Auction Service.  Sasser Roofing.  Sasser and Son Logging.  Even Sasser Church (seriously!).

But what are the odds that when I went to file my Ohio real estate license with the local Keller Williams brokerage just up the street from our home, not only is the Managing Broker’s last name Sasser but she also uses Sasser Group locally here in Dayton and has for years?

Well, let’s just say I should have bought a lottery ticket.

The broker and I had an amusing conversation about how mad she was about how she went to purchase the domain years ago only to find that I had registered it and was using it Saint Petersburg and Tampa Bay.  And how now here I am showing up on her doorstep, Ohio license in hand.  

Now some don’t believe in fate but whatever sort of odd coincidence you would like to call that is out of this world extraordinary.

So, decision time.  I can’t use SasserGroup in Ohio, so time to brainstorm.

Ashlar Logo

Thus, Ashlar

I will leave what an Ashlar actually is for another post.  It’s interesting I promise!

Over the next few weeks, we will be transitioning systems, logos, emails, and moreover to Ashlar.  So when you see Ashlar just remember it’s SasserGroup.

We will also be reworking some of the videos and features we do routinely such as the statistics video so that it falls under this new team name and branding.  

To make this clear we will be using a mixed Ashlar / SasserGroup logo for a while, eventually moving solely onto Ashlar after around 6 months.

So while the name is new, the dedication to professional Real Estate expertise and sharing that knowledge with you is the same as ever.  You can count on every Ashlar Home Team member to provide you with the utmost professional and honest service.

If you have any questions on this change, please feel free to let us know or leave a comment below!

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