Now Licensed in both Ohio and Florida

Abbie and I have decided to purchase a home in Ohio to be closer to family!  

But I’m not abandoning Tampa Bay.

I will be maintaining the business in Tampa Bay, and will also be building my real estate practice in Ohio.

You’d probably would like some details on why a Tampa Bay native such as myself would move to the wild midwest…


Abbie’s brother recently had twins, a boy and a girl.  Those of you that know us know that we don’t have kids ourselves. I would be lying if I told you we didn’t feel a very strong urge to be close so we can be a part of our neice and nephew’s lives.  In addition, we had traveled up to Ohio once or twice a year to visit family and to enjoy the city.

Crazy, I know, but I promise there is a lot of cool stuff in Dayton! Best donuts you’ve ever had and an Air Force museum that puts the Smithsonian to shame!

You may also remember that our house was flooded in Tropical Storm Eta in November 2020, and then thanks to Covid supply chain issues it took nearly 2 years to complete the restoration of our home.  Most of that time there was no walls so the house was not livable!

So we bounced around, moving 5 times in those 2 years.  We lived on Indian Rocks beach for a few months, on the water with a boat in Ruskin for a few months, and finally a high-rise with sweeping views of Tampa Bay for again another few months.


When our house was finally restored, we found was that we wanted to be close to family AND wanted a new adventure.

As all that was going on, the real estate business via word of mouth continued to build.  

It got to the point where I had 7 clients all wanting to see homes on the weekend!  That’s way too much for one agent to handle, as is becomes effectively impossible to property research and prepare contracts when you’re spending 10 hours out on the road.

I was overwhelmed.  So I brought on some additional Realtors to help with showings, inspections, and those sorts of things. 

And good thing too!  I was able to lead my team iby example of how to truly help people with choosing or selling a home, and we were able to effectively help a lot more people during what was admittedly an absolutely crazy time in the real estate market.


So we have purchased a home in Ohio, and are working to get this home updated and situated.  I’ve learned a ton of new things in the process, many of which are applicable in both Ohio and Florida ESPECIALLY older home markets like Tampa and St Petersburg!  I’ll give you a hint…… insulation….

I am not turning my back up on Tampa Bay nor the friends, family and clients there.  

We are actually in Tampa Bay for the December 5-9 to make the rounds with clients and to have some face to face time with my team members.  This will be a regular occurrence, so you might just get an invitation to coffee or lunch sin the coming months!  

Long term, my plan is to continue to help people with their home needs both in Ohio and Tampa Bay and eventually beyond. Striving to provide honest and knowledgeable professional real estate services.  

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!

Kyle Sasser

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