Market Update

There’s a lot of chatter in the news about Real Estate and the housing market. You’ve probably noticed values going up, and seen some news reports on the topic. Your barber or hairstylist is probably even talking about it.

This trend began in June 2020 but took until March/ April of 2021 to really take off.

We have another trend developing now.

For the last three months, we have had more homes going up for sale than have sold. In Pinellas County, it’s not only been 10-30 or so homes a month. In Hillsborough, though it was about 200.

This is noteworthy because it’s the first time in years. But remember, real estate takes a long time to change. It would take another 6-12 months of this trend for any reflect effect on prices. But this is a shift that I wanted you to be aware of.

The good news is that if you’ve been thinking about selling, and there’s plenty of time to take advantage of extremely high prices and above-average demand. And if you have been thinking about buying or know someone who is, there will be more to choose from as well as an easier time getting offers accepted.

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