Why isn’t this property manager calling or emailing me back?

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Why isn’t this property manager calling or emailing me back?

Unfortunately, this has been common across most segments of the industry.

When the job becomes relatively easy in some manner, you would think it would be our time to shine.

Sadly many become complacent or resentful. I’ve had agents not answer calls, respond to offers, and literally be so full of contempt on the phone. I’ve had agents complain about how many calls they received, and also receive responses such as “NOT EVEN CLOSE”.

What many don’t understand is that their unprofessionalism is only going to hurt them in the future when the market returns to normal conditions. And…. yes I keep a list of these assholes.

Anyways, in your current situation, if they are a real estate agent you can report them to the local real estate board (GTR for Tampa or PRO for Pinellas). They handle disciplinary matters and there are requirements for handling money and such.

If they are a leasing company for like an apartment complex then things get a little more muddled.

Some of the new construction apartments were taking deposits way before the unit was completed which resulted in 1-5 month delays waiting on supplies to finish the unit so that the city could issue a certificate of occupancy.

Kyle Sasser

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