Why did my home insurance increase?

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My home insurance has gone from $2000 to $8000. Home is built 1978 but I have installed impact windows, impact doors, and a new roof. What is the deal?

You didn’t mention a wind mitigation report, which should help you or show you what to focus on. New homes built to new codes can be staggeringly cheap, problem is there aren’t a lot of those in the metro areas most people are moving to.

Just because you ‘have’ hurricane windows there’s very particular things that need to be checked.

Impact ratings, for example, are based on weakest opening, so if you have impact doors and windows but the garage door is 30 years old then that’s what the credit gets based on.

Roof credits are based primarily on connection type to the top of the wall. So maybe you have hurricane clips or straps, maybe not. They weren’t there originally, they are a post Andrew update.

Even if you have clips, there’s been a update since about 2009 where if it’s 3 nails you get a substantial credit while 2 nail you only get a tiny one. Yes, one nail makes that huge of an impact. I’ve seen savings of $800 / year for that one nail!

If your insurer doesn’t have a wind mitigation report then you 100% need to get one. It will tell you what you have and what you can do to save even more money.

However, that aside, insurance in Florida is REALLY screwed up compared to the rest of the country, with as you said protections for the insurance companies and some pitiful programs to match homeowner upgrade but nothing to address the acute pain of insurance premiums or the rampant roof fraud continuing to happen.

So, the best thing we can do is call your state representative and vote for a state government that will actually do something about it

Kyle Sasser

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