Why are condo fees so high?

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At Ashlar, I firmly b that an educated home buyer or seller is best equipped to make their own decisions. That’s why I take time out of my day each and every day to answer someone’s real estate question.  And, when I think the answer can be useful to you as well, I share it here.  So without further ado:


Why are condo fees so high?

With the HOA and Condo fees, one thing you have to look at is what you get for those fees.  It’s also why I don’t usually put a hard filter on them.

With Condos, many times the fee will be $400 or $500, but that will include things like water, sewer, trash, and sometimes even cable tv and/or internet.  Which if paid separately would be $100-$200.

I have seen a couple that are truly crazy and cover all interior appliances, and they get replaced every 10 years!

There is a field named “Fee Includes” under Community Features section which will cover what the condo fees covers.

So my recommendation with condo fees is to see which communities you like, then look at the fees and decide if the tradeoff is acceptable to you or not.

If you find some that are not acceptable to you, just let me know and I can exclude them from all future results.

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