Where is the best option to live? Wesley Chapel or Riverview?

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My wife has a job in Wesley Chapel and I have a job in Riverview. Where should we live?

You have some really major traffic barriers for those commutes, so it’s a question of only one person experiencing a painful commute or both.

The problem spots will all be along I75.

56/54 I75 Exit: Extremely backed up at rush hour traffic

Bruce B Down Exit: Extremely backed up at rush hour traffic

I75/I4: Slow down in most lanes both northbound and southbound. Innermost lanes are ok but lots of lane switching as people try to get onto I4 or get ready for MLK exit.

I75 / 60: Right most lanes get pretty backed up onto interstate, but not too terrible if you stay to the left

I75 / 301: From this point south the best way I can describe it is 25 – 35mph Mad Max. Even though traffic is moving stead, everyone seems to think they are mario freaking andretti whipping in and out of traffic…. at 25mph. Easily the worst traffic and drivers in Tampa Bay in my book. This continues to roughly Big Bend.

The good news is with Riverview you will skip that Southermost part if you get on at 301 / Bloomingdale heading north.

Basically any area along 75 will be work, but it’s going to be 30-60 minutes commutes some days during rush hour. If one of you just couldn’t take that day in and day out then move closest to the job of that person.

Some places you may not have thought about would be Temple Terrace and Thonotosassa. Other than that depends on if you want planned community (Wesley Chapel, New Tampa, Brandon, Progress Village, Riverview) or a more country feel (Seffner, Mango, Thonotosassa.

Kyle Sasser

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