Where do the Young Professionals live in Tampa?

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Where do the Young Professionals live in Tampa?

Tampa Bay native. Have lived, worked, or sold in practically every neighborhood from Odessa to Spring Hills, south through Tampa, St Pete, Brandon, all the way south to Sarasota.

First, the criteria here are not very useful because there is a mix of people everywhere. Tampa, St Pete, and surrounding areas do not have Young Professional neighborhoods or Family geared neighborhoods. Different kinds of people live everywhere. And that’s a good thing.

So the better thing to ask is, “What is important to your son? What does he want to live close to? How does he want to live his life both for work and for pleasure?”

Once you get the answers to those questions THEN you can really narrow down and focus on the areas he’d be interested in, finding the overlap between budget and what he wants.

Otherwise, you’re going to be looking at much of the metro area, which is way too huge and honestly way too easy to make a mistake and end up very unhappy in about 3 years.

Does he have hobbies? Boating? Golf? Does he go out a lot and value a nice selection of pubs, restaurants, bars? Dance clubs? How often for each of those? He works remotely but does he need access to an airport regularly

Any design criteria that particularly appeal? Condo or House? Maybe he doesn’t want to maintain a yard. Old house with tons of charm or a newer home in the suburbs with newer design styles (high ceilings, open kitchens)? Or the ever-popular “walkable”?

By answering these questions you will rapidly be able to narrow the focus and be much more effective in the process. Most people focus on the bed’s baths and price but that are just details. Location is always first and foremost and to figure that out you need to answer the lifestyle questions.

Anyways, I’d be happy to help and share my knowledge of the local areas. Feel free to send me a message!

Kyle Sasser

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