What first time buyer programs are available?

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What first time buyer programs are available?

Tampa – Dare to Own The Dream


2nd position loan, payable when 1st is satisfied or ownership transferred.

Up to 30k towards down payment and closing costsfor eligible first time homebuyers

Must take counselling prior to being under contract

Eligibility based on household income being below 140% AMI (Area Median Income)

Debt Ratio of 33/41 and credit scor of 600

Max purchase price of 240k

Minimum $2000 down



Must be primary residence

30 year deferred, 0% second mortgage up to $15,000 for down payment and closing costs.  Must be paid when sold, refinanced or borrower moves.

Max sales price:  $283348

Up to 4 unit multifamily

Credit score 640 or up

St Pete


Contribute 1% of purchase price

Attend 1st time buyer training

Max price 294601

Homestead exemption and Occupy the unit

Household income limit: https://www.stpete.org/residents/housing/income_limits.php

Up to 20k

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