What can I expect to pay for flood insurance in Pinellas County?

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What can I expect to pay for flood insurance in Pinellas County?

The problem with what you’re asking is that it is unique for each and every home, because flood insurance is based on the specific risk to the structure.

“Sure” you say, “but surely if I know what the neighbor is paying that will ballpark what I will pay, yes?”

Unfortunately not. And I will give you an answer from my own personal experience with my own home in Shore Acres.

I paid about $2000 a year for flood insurance, with an elevation to the first living level of 4.1 feet. The neighbor across the street, a nearly identical home, paid $6000 a year because their house was about a foot lower (3.2 feet). And the house next to the neighbor paid $6000 their flood insurance was only $400 a year because of the way the home was built.

So you need an elevation certificate to have a good idea of what the flood insurance will be.

To further complicate things rates have changed wildly, so even knowing what the current owner is paying is of limited use. I have seen cases where the current owner is paying $2000 but a new owner with a new flood policy would be paying around $4500 because the current owner is grandfathered in.

It is possible to transfer a flood policy and keep the lower rate however it is in no way guaranteed, and many people do not carry flood if they own it outright.

Some additional flood information can be found here:


I think the most expensive I’ve heard of for a ~1500 square foot house is $13,000 a year.

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