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How long can a tenant delay allowing inspection of a property for sale?

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Answer: Tenants are required to provide reasonable accomodation and access

Florida requires tenants to provide reasonable accommodation and access for the purpose of selloing the property, which usually means 24 hours notice unless there is some specific reason why.

Reasonable accommodation is a bit of a grey area, so if you get a lot of pushback from the tenant then things can get stick.

A great agent can do a lot to smooth this over with the tenant by explaining the process in detail, tell the tenant what they can do to mitigate inconvienence (firm pre-qualification of all buyers, don’t let every lookyloo and tirekicker in to see it). But at the end of the day the tenant can not prevent showings and if they do so then they could potentially be evicted.

Most try to skate around the tenant but in my experience that’s the best way to guarantee a reluctant and uncooperative tenant. And you need their cooperation.

This type of situation is where you really need an outstanding agent that knows how to deal with these types of scenarios.

That said, a vacant home will always sell for way more than an occupied one. Just know that at this point tenant may bang up the place on the way out.

Kyle Sasser

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