Temple Terrace Homes For Sale

Temple Terrace Homes For Sale

Temple Terrace is a Great Place!

If you’re looking for Temple Terrace homes for sale, you will find a wealth of information here both about current homes on the market as well as what you can expect living in this wonderful Hillsborough County neighborhood.

If you’re curious about what schools are available nearby, where the closest parks and boating options are read on!


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Thoughts on Temple Terrace

Temple Terrace is one of the most interesting, beautiful, and coolest sections of Tampa.

Ok yes it’s technically it’s own city but you know what I mean.

Here’s the secret: Temple Terrace is a relatively small area that people think is very large and most people never venture past the major roads or go into the residential areas. Busch Gardens isn’t in Temple Terrace. University Mall isn’t in Temple Terrace. USF and MOSI also aren’t in Temple Terrace. Those are all in Tampa.

Temple Terrace is basically a block or two east 56th St and the majority of it to the West. Admittedly 56th and Fowler are ugly as sin, but that’s not unique to this area.  That’s just a relatively common feature of commercial roads in Tampa.

The river is absolutely beautiful here, and there is also a college (not USF, Florida College) and a very old school country club (Temple Terrace CC).

The Country Club is interesting because it is an old style, where the homes are across the street from the course, not directly on the course itself.

This provides huge greenways and spaces, with roads swooping this way and that.

Down in the penninsula where the river bends you will find an absolute treasure trove of mid-century homes under an absolutely massive oak tree canopy and riverfront homes.

If you follow the river up around fowler it feels like an absolutely different planet, let alone Tampa.

And closer to the school there is a section with blocked access from Fowler where homes regularly have 1/2 to full acre lots.

It’s absolutely mind bending.

On the whole homes here are much larger on much larger lots in very quieter neighborhoods than almost every other section of the city.

They were mostly built late 50s-80s in a variety of architectural styles, and you just wouldn’t believe how much of a hidden gem the area is.

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Nearby Neighborhoods

Venetian Isles is a luxury waterfront community adjacent to Shore Acres and features primarily waterfront luxury homes with canal access to Tampa Bay. 

Snell Isle is a premier luxury neighborhood in St Petersburg, and is located on the island between downtown St Petersburg and Shore Acres.  

Tanglewood is a small primarily waterfront community tucked into a quiet corner just north of 62nd Ave.  If you are looking for a quiet place to keep a boat, this is it!

Placido Bayou is a rare gated community located between 45th and 54th Ave.  Features a mix of both single family homes as well as townhomes.  A hidden corner of St Peterburg not many know about!

North East Park is located on the mainland surrounding 40th Ave and the approach to Shore Acres.  Features many recently renovated 2 and 3 bedroom homes, and has quickly become one of the hottest neighborhoods in St Petersburg.

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