Should I sell an inherited property to investors?

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Should I sell an inherited property to investors?

Out of date style and even old roof and applicances usually aren’t a major problem as long as home is priced appropriately.

Investors and wholesalers (those letters you get) should be your last choice once all other options have been explored, unless you like getting half of what a house is worth. They are *extremely* skilled at taking advantage of people’s naivety and inexperience with the transaction process. So even if you go that route either pay a lawyer or hire an agent. They usually want to be at 50% – 80% of value.

A great Realtor listing is the best way to net the absolute most money possible.

A bad or mediocre realtor you’d be better off just selling it yourself For Sale By Owner if you’re up for some headaches and willing to learn a little.

iBuyers are a middle option. You will net quite a bit less ($15k-$40k for average price points) than using a great Realtor, but quite a bit more with a lot less headache and stress than selling to investors and wholesalers. The way they frame their services they bend over backwards to make it look competitive but they adjust for repairs and add some fees on which make the eventual net considerably less than what a great realtor should obtain.

If the home isn’t collapsing on itself then public listing is best bet, even if it needs new roof, new a/c, and hasn’t been updated since 1975 (or earlier).

Three typical projects with huge benefits to prep for sale are thorough cleaning, fresh coat of paint, and some landscaping. Nice thing is they are easy hires or DIYable. If you don’t want to do or pay for any of that you can still sell it publicly, just buyer pool will be smaller and I’d expect lower offers.

Time to closing is usually a function of price. So two weeks with cash offer on the short end if you price a under market value, typical highest offer (financed) usually takes 30 days-40 days.

If you decide to go with investor or wholesaler, make sure to tell them you aren’t interested in allowing a contract assignment and you want to see bank statement proof of funds. There’s a lot of wannabes in that space, and Florida is a hotbed for training for that garbage. That’s a good way to shake them out.

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Kyle Sasser

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