Should I Privately Sell My Home & Not With An Agent?

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My neighbor wants to said they want to buy my house. Should I sell to them or continue to put it for sale publically?

The likelihood of the neighbor also being the highest offer you will receive is roughly 0.

In my experience private sellers like this are hoping to get a deal and usually scoff when you tell them what your asking price is going to be.

There’s also a lot more to being someone’s real estate agent than just putting it on the mls and getting a contract. Managing the transaction is actually where great agents make the most difference, and compared to doing it on your own you could potentially lose thousands by not knowing what is and is not customary.

Sure you can hire an attorney, but that usually ends up as almost expensive or more as an agent with less useful transaction management knowledge and workarounds. On ethe plus side though, the attorney can also do the title so no need for a title company.

If the number is close enough to your target asking price, then it may be worth pursuing. You can also negotiate mixed commission, where if this neighbor purchases it the commission drops to x%.

But more than likely once it gets to brass tacks this neighbor is going to chuckle at the price you want and say good luck

Kyle Sasser

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