Should I go with a new build to avoid the potential trouble of an old home?

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Should I go with a new build to avoid the potential trouble of an old home?

Oh… the perception that new builds are trouble-free is entirely false.

I had two new builds with the following issues. One the bottom floor flooded from wastewater backup (the contractor had crushed the main drain prior to moving in… somehow). Another master shower was designed woefully incorrectly and so would just pour water onto a slick tile floor and into the baseboards.

A house is a very complicated hand-built thing (even not customized) and currently all crews are experiencing labor and supply shortages. MEaning high stress and a higher likelihood of things getting missed.

This is true for practically every new construction I’ve seen, from $300k – to $1M. With the exception of David Weekly Homes in North River Ranch. Whatever they are doing down there should be industry-standard because the house I currently am helping my buyers with is damned near flawless.

Conversely, sure resale homes can also have these problems, especially if not maintained well, but usually if well maintained a resale home will usually have fewer issues than a new construction one.

The main thing is new or resale, you absolutely need to hire an inspector to go over it with a fine-tooth comb, as well as hopefully engage a professional to help you through the process.

The time frame from start to finish for most builders currently is about 12 months. Where they allow you to buy in that process depends on the builder, some want it before the start, others maybe a month before completion.

Kyle Sasser

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