Shore Acres Homes For Sale

Shore Acres Homes For Sale

Shore Acres is a Great Place!

If you’re looking for Shore Acres homes for sale, you will found a wealth of information here both about current homes on the market as well as what you can expect living in this wonderful Saint Petersburg neighborhood.

If you’re curious about what schools are available nearby, where the closest parks and boating options are, and where the world’s first Jai Alai court is located, read on!

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Shore Acres is located northeast of downtown St Petersburg, which you can drive to in about 10 minutes by either taking 40th / 38th Avenue out to 4th Street or by taking the more scenic route via Overlook Dr through Snell Isle and past the Vinoy Golf Club.

Other common commutes are:

  • Shore Acres to downtown Saint Petersburg (10 Minutes) 
  • Shore Acres to Carillon (18 Minutes) 
  • Shore Acres to Tyrone Square (22 Minutes)
  • Shore Acres to Clearwater
  • Shore Acres to gulf beaches (30 Minutes) 
  • Shore Acres to downtown Tampa (30 Minutes)
  • Shore Acres to Macdill Air Force Base (25 Minutes)

Shore Acres Statistics

Home prices in Shore Acres have appreciated rapidly the last few years, even when compared to the overall average in Tampa Bay.  This is primarily due to proximity to both Shore Acres Elementary and downtown Saint Petersburg, as well as the quiet and suburban feel of the neighborhood.

Keep in mind that these numbers are a combination of both waterfront as well as non-waterfront properties.

Median Home Price in Shore Acres currently (October 2020) sits at $406,000.  This is a 6.7% increase in the last 12 months!

87% of homes in Shore Acres are owned, while only 13% are rentals.  The income per capita in Shore Acres is $51,869 and the median household income is $109,825.

If you would like additional details and statistics about Shore Acres, please download the neighborhood report provided by RPR below.

Download Shore Acres Neighborhood Report

This market report contains housing stats, charts, population, and household data.  

Download Shore Acres Neighborhood Report

Neighborhood Makeup

Shore Acres is almost entirely a residential neighborhood.

There are a couple of schools, exactly one convenience store, a neighborhood community center, and two churches, and the rest is residential homes.

There are a few condo and townhome communities within Shore Acres, but primarily it is single family homes.  Of those single family homes, the major difference is if they are waterfront or not.

Most Non-waterfront homes are typically from the 1950s to 1970s construction.  Most homes are of block construction and have had updated roofs upgraded to recent hurricane standards.

Waterfront homes vary between older 1950s – 1970s homes to larger newer construction builds typically of either stilt construction of built on fill to greatly reduce flood risk.

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Flood Risk

I currently live in Shore Acres!  So this is first-hand information from a resident and real estate professional.

The one thing most people know about Shore Acres is that it is one of the lowest areas in the Tampa Bay region.

And it’s true!  There are no denying facts.

But I want to explain what that actually means in practice, when storms come through, and what impacts it will have on you, your family, and your finances.

First, the tradeoff to living close to the water, especially in Pinellas County, is that there will be some degree of flood risk.  True, there are parts that are high enough to be included in most flood maps, but by and large, if you want to be near the water or actual waterfront, you will have to evaluate and plan for your flood risk.

If you are concerned with flood risk, you can mitigate it by purchasing either a stilt home or a home built on a sizeable amount of fill.  This additional elevation will raise the living area of the home above the 100-year flood plain, resulting in drastically reduced flood insurance and some additional peace of mind for you.

While relatively rare, street flooding in Shore Acres is something residents make plans for and manage.

The question I inevitably get is… “how bad is it, really?”

The truth is that there are going to be times when you will likely not be able to drive out of Shore Acres, as the roads sometimes fill with water.  A normal thunderstorm is not enough to do it usually.  It needs to be a combination of sustained and heavy rains, tides, storm drain conditions, and usually low-pressure storms resulting in higher overall sea level.

Some years there are no serious events.  Other years there are two or three times when water in the streets would be deep enough you shouldn’t drive a car through it.  When a serious hurricane comes through, the water can rise to put homes at risk and indeed to flood homes.

But remember, flood risk is based on the specific risk to the property.  My home is 4.4 feet above sea level.  In the time I’ve lived there, I’ve never had an issue.  My neighbors across the street though, at about 3.2 feet above sea level, have had water inside their home and garage.  There are other sections of Shore Acres that will be higher than this, and of course, if it’s a stilt or a “home on a mound” then your risk is greatly reduced.

So when judging a potential home in Shore Acres, it is critical to obtain an Elevation Certificate and partner with someone who has direct local knowledge of the area.


Shore acres started life as a marshy scrub of pine and palmettos.  1925 is when initial subdividing and platting happened, but it didn’t really kick into high gear until the 1950s.  The first large-scale development was centered around Butterfly Lake which is just northeast of the community center before moving on to Venetian Isles and Ponderosa Shores.

Quirky Local Knowledge

Untouchable Home

The house at 2000 Shore Acres Blvd NE was rumored to have been owned by Al Capone​


There is only one school in Shore Acres proper, but a few schools within a short drive.

Lutheran Church of the Cross (LCC) Day School is located in the center of the island and is a part of the church that bears the same name located across the street.  It is a private religious school and covered grades K-8.

Other nearby private schools are Canterbury School of Florida, which has campuses on both Snell Isle and the Mainland, and Shorecrest Preparatory School.  Both cover PK – 12 with many local residents as students.

Public schools for Shore Acres are:

Shore Acres Elementary, located about 1.3 miles from Shore Acres.

Meadowlawn Middle School, located 4.0 miles from Shore Acres, and 

Northeast High School, located 4.7 miles from Shore Acres.

For additional information on school grades, please review the Florida Department of Education’s excellent school accountability and grade page.

Things To Do Nearby


There is not much shopping to be done on Shore Acres, as it is primarily a residential neighborhood.  

However, there is a convenience store on Chancellor St NE called the Islander Market.  They have a good selection of “the essentials” (wine, beer, bread, candy, potato chips) and they also feature some pretty good sandwiches and lunch type meals.

It’s a great spot to stop in on the way to the park, boat, or a round of golf for some quick snacks.

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Parks and Recreation

The main attraction is the Shore Acres Community Center.  Or at least, it was, until they knocked it down to build a new one.

The new community center, slated to be completed in the summer of 2021, will feature a pool, kids playground, indoor meeting spaces, an indoor basketball court, and tons of space for activities.  This is a great spot for after school programs!  In addition, the city also offers adults classes in things such as karate, yoga, dog training, and other programs to help improve your life!

In addition to the community center, there is a small waterfront park called Shore Acres Mini Park.  This par, located near the corner of Chancellor and Bayou Grande Blvd, features a large grass field, waterfront access perfect for a kayaking or standup paddleboard drop-in, fishing, a library “take a book” cabinet, and a playground recently constructed in 2019.  

This mini-park is perfect for a picnic or a place to take the kids to let them run off some steam.

If more serious competition is what you’re after, then you’ll want to head over to Denver Park.  Denver Park features 4 lighted tennis courts, a softball field, lighted basketball courts, volleyball courts, a very large open field, and of course a playground for the kids.  

Denver Park also features a shelter perfect for a family gathering, birthday party, or just a place to congregate after a couple of games of hoop.

Puryear Park, also located nearby, is a huge complex where many sports leagues take place both for kids as well as for adults.  There are also plenty of lighted football and soccer fields,  tennis courts, racquetball courts, and the country’s first public Jai Alai court  (fronton) which opened in 2008.


Boating is a very popular past time in Saint Petersburg, and Shore Acres is a prime area for recreational boating as well as more “serious” pursuits such as fishing for redfish and mangrove snapper.

If you are looking for dockage and do not have a home on the water, you can join the St Pete Yacht Club and take advantage of the private marina on Snell Isle.  This marina has boat slips, lifts, and supplies such as bait, ice, etc.  Unfortunately, it is not open to the public.  You do have to be a member of the Yacht Club.

There are a few boat ramps conveniently locate close to Shore Acres.  The closest boat ramp is located just east of Shore Acres on the mainland at Crisp Park.  A second boat ramp can be found just off 1st Street at Coffee Pot Park.  Both parks do require you to go under short bridges, so be sure to check your nautical charts for clearance information.


Mangrove Bay Golf Course is a superb municipal course.

If you are a golfer, then you are in luck!  There are 2 courses located within 2 miles of Shore Acres.  That means you can have a cart at your house, take it to the course, play 18 holes, and then drive back!

Mangrove Bay has been owned and operated by the City of Saint Petersburg since 1976.  It is constructed adjacent to mangroves and bayou and serves as an important part of both the economy and ecology of the area.  The golf course is heavily integrated into Saint Petersburg water reclamation efforts, including having a 2 million gallon reclaimed water irrigation pond.

This course sees a lot of use, with over 75,000 rounds a year!  So tee times are a must.  The track itself is quite a bit of fun, and features blind approaches, creeks crossing the fairways, and other such dilemmas for golfers to choose.

In addition, there is also a 9 hole par 3 course on the property called Cypress Links.  This par 3 course is just the thing if you only have an hour or two to play and want to get some iron work in.  But don’t think it’s easy!  There are some very challenging holes to be found here!

You will also find a very nice practice facility, with a driving range, two putting greens, and a short game practice area at Mangrove Bay.  It’s amazing these facilities are so close to Shore Acres!

In addition, there is also Vinoy Golf Club located on Snell Isle, which is a Private Club.  To be able to enjoy this course, you will either need to book a room at the Vinoy Hotel or join the club as a private member.


You have quite a few choices when it comes to tennis when living in Shore Acres.

The closest is likely to be Denver Park, which features 4 lighted courts.  Puryear Park is also nearby and features more lighted courts than Denver Park.  It’s also a little easier to access for people coming from out of the area.

And if you are looking for a more organized atmosphere, the Racquet Club of St Petersburg is located just 2.5 miles away.  The racquet club is private, requiring a membership, but it is very friendly to people just wanting to try it out.  There are no initiation fees and membership is strictly month to month.

The Racquet Club of St Petersburg features 14 lighted Har-Tru soft courts, 3 hard courts, 4 Pickleball courts, a swimming pool, pro shop, and all the fun that a club type atmosphere provides.

Karma Courtside is also located on the property, which is a highly regarded local restaurant that started downtown and now has three or four locations in the area.  Very recommended trying one of their bowls!

So as you can see, if tennis is your game, there are plenty of options in Shore Acres for you to get some racquet time in!


The only place to buy prepared food in Shore Acres is at the Islander Market.  

The Islander Market is a boutique convenience store.  Meaning while they do have Snickers bars, ice, potato chips, and beer, they also have a decent selection of wine, cheese, and other accouterments.   Their prepared foods are typically sandwiches, though on occasion they will have one-offs such as chili.  It’s a perfect spot to pick up some snacks on the way to the boat or for a day trip.

One cool thing about Shore Acres though, is that food trucks are routinely scheduled to make appearances both in Venetian Isles as well as at the church on Shore Acres Blvd NE next to the community center.  These events are open to the public.

If you are looking for great nearby restaurants to try, I would recommend:

Ciccio's Cali

California style tacos, wraps and rice bowls

Red Mesa

Mexican and Cuban cuisine

Casita Taqueria

About the best tacos around

St Pete Bagel Company

Amazing bagels, bread and donuts

Fresh Kitchen

Healthy bowls, noodles, chicken and steak

Cafe Mozart

The most amazing bakery in the area.  The building is unassuming and the quality is superb!

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Nearby Neighborhoods

Venetian Isles is a luxury community adjacent to Shore Acres and features primarily waterfront luxury homes with canal access to Tampa Bay. 

Snell Isle is a premier luxury neighborhood in St Petersburg, and is located on the island between downtown St Petersburg and Shore Acres.  

Tanglewood is a small primarily waterfront community tucked into a quiet corner just north of 62nd Ave.  If you are looking for a quiet place to keep a boat, this is it!

Placido Bayou is a rare gated community located between 45th and 54th Ave.  Features a mix of both single family homes as well as townhomes.  A hidden corner of St Peterburg not many know about!

North East Park is located on the mainland surrounding 40th Ave and the approach to Shore Acres.  Features many recently renovated 2 and 3 bedroom homes, and has quickly become one of the hottest neighborhoods in St Petersburg.

Special Homes For Sale in Shore Acres

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