Requiring a new roof even if it’s tile or metal

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Do insurance companies require a new roof even if it’s tile or metal?

I have both seen and personally heard of insurance companies requiring a new roof for metal and tile if it is outside of what they want to see. Even though they usually have a 30+ year lifespan and they only had 8-10 years on it.

Basically what has been happening is insurance companies have been trying to protect themselves as much as possible so really, really tightened their roof requirements, sometimes to the point of excess. Things have relaxed a bit since then, and if you find an insurance company being a stickler on this I would certainly shop around.

So the answer is, you can probably find an insurance company to insure me but it would likely take some work. And this is an area very much in flux so rules will likely be much different 5 years down the road.

It’s kinda like running an Airbnb in a residential neighborhood. Sure it’s fine now but that is likely to change as much of those rules are still being figured out.

Kyle Sasser

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