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Is the rail line in Pinellas County that goes through Clearwater, Largo, St Petersburg still active?

Answer: Yes

Yes, it is still in use.

Primarily it delivers rock and building materials to Carroll’s Building Materials at 2001 13th Ave N. You can watch them dump and unload the cars with front-end loaders and forklifts.

They used to switch there and deliver paper goods to the Tampa Bay Times press on 34th but those days have ended now. And there are some other odds and ends industrial and commercial along the way that they will drop a car at.

But it’s by no means in heavy use and I think I’ve only seen 6 – 10 cars max on a train. Interestingly, the line comes all the way from Yeoman Yard in Tampa, which is close to the Orient Rd and 60. It goes and turns north, cuts across Oldsmar, through the Clearwater Country Club golf course (that’s always fun when playing around), and then turns south through Largo eventually ending up in St Pete.

The old Amtrak Station used to be at 3601 31st Street North, near Bert Smith BMW. But that’s been gone for ages (early 80s). It’s south of the bridge that 38th Ave dips under.

Kyle Sasser

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