My insurance says my rate is a lot higher because of no hurricane straps.  What insurance company do you recommend?

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My insurance says my rate is a lot higher because of no hurricane straps.
What insurance company do you recommend?

You should look into retrofitting clips or straps onto your roof.

Premiums are the insurance company’s way of telling you that your house is at a much higher risk than it should be, and the clips became out in the 90s.

More than likely the roof has been replaced twice since they became pretty common unless you have a tile roof or something else unusual.

Regardless, it’s worth redoing the lower roof and adding clips will pay for itself within about two years from what you’re telling us.

With no clips there is basically nothing holding your roof down meaning any high wing event (tropical storm or higher) could basically wrench the roof off the top of your house. Thus the higher premiums.

Wind Mitigation inspection is the report insurance companies use to determine wind credits (which is what the problem was with Farmers).

And even 2 nails or 3 nails makes a huge (i.e. $800) difference so pay attention and hire a professional to do the work.

Kyle Sasser

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