Looking to install a couple tankless water heaters. What do I need to know?

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Looking to install a couple tankless water heaters. What do I need to know?

A single tankless (correctly sized of course for usage) can serve most home’s needs. If you’re wanting to shorten time to hot at the tap you don’ t necessarily need a second tankless… a recirculation loop can also keep the pipes hot, or placing the tankless in a different position (say a closet) can also be a solution.

Tankless will be more than a traditional tank and if you’re moving from gas tank to gas tankless may have different venting requirements which can be a lot different than a gas tank as the usage and exhaust amount is so much different.

Ballpark, if a hot water tank is around $2000 now then a tankless will likely be around $3000.

Contractors will usually refund the estimate fee if you choose them for the work. There’s tons of tire kickers out there that balk at quotes, especially retrofits, and that’s something they use. End of day 30$ is going to be a couple fittings to hook up the plumbing so you should get a few quotes even if they charge you.

With contractors you don’t want cheap. That’s how you get to pay for it again while being mad at the people that did a crap job. You want someone who values their time, answers calls, and will work with you and ask questions to figure out options and solutions, and once under contract will show up on time and knock it out.

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