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Every month I work to put together a statistics video where I go over the relevant factors impacting the Tampa Bay real estate market.

Turns out in addition to my clients, friends, and you dear reader, people in high places have also been paying attention!

FLORIDA REALTORS asked me to beta test

A beta test is where you are given early access to a tool or software for testing, feedback, and refinement.

Florida Realtors reached out to me a few years ago because they had seen my Real Estate statistics videos, and wanted some feedback and input on how I was utilizing these monthly reports.

They were developing a new tool called SunStats, which was then in Beta.  This system would make it easier to produce more detailed statistic reports more quickly.  You wouldn’t dial up a report that was only just a few days old, versus having to wait until the 20th of the next month.

So I used the tool, and gave them my feedback in 2019 and 2020, and then never thought much more of it.

Then about 3 months ago, they reached out and explained they were putting together an information packet and training manual that would be going to used to train all brokers and agents in the state on the advantages and insights that can be gained from using SunStats, as well as a headshot.

And this is the results!

Floods are a fact of life in our subtropical paradise

These statistics are great for keeping an eye on broad market trends and understanding changes in market conditions to best serve your clients.

Real Estate is perfect for this because it moves slow with large sweeping changes and follows easy supply and demand rules.

For example, the number of Cash Sales has nearly tripled in most markets, so now you know to adjust your conventional loan offers higher to compete with that cash offer, and what to be optimistic for when listing a home.

If you were watching these stats in March to July 2020 you have known six months ahead of times that we were heading for significant price increases due to significantly lower number of homes for sale but continued / rising buyer demand. It's all right there in the stats if you look at them regularly.

Plus you look like a genius to your clients, at least when you are right!

Kyle Sasser, Keller Williams Realty St Pete Tweet

And funny enough, other brokers and agents across the beautiful state of Florida have been sending me messages and emails saying, “You just appeared on the wall of a meeting I am in.”

""You just appeared on the wall of a meeting I am in."

have to say I enjoyed the experience and look forward to bringing your great information from Florida Realtors SunStats!


And of course be sure to sign up for the newsletter so you will get a copy of the stats as soon as they are released.

Flood Insurance is a large part of living in the Tampa Bay area, and should be seriously considered when buying a home.

If you have any questions about flood insurance, or the particular flood risk of any property in the area, please do not hesitate to reach out and contact me or leave a comment below.

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