I’m thinking about buying a LENNAR home. How are they?

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I’m thinking about buying a LENNAR HOME. How are they?

Lennar are built to a budget, and the way they get to that budget is with labor, landscaping, and materials.

So while it will look pretty good on closing day, after about 5-10 years the home will start to have problems.

Cabinet doors sagging more than they should, screws pulling out of chipboard, the laminate they use on the doors peeling from being in a kitchen, paint looking beat, and with the minimal landscaping they do the neighborhood will look a bit more sunblasted than other neighborhood.

The best way to know what you are buying and the difference between Lennar, DR Horton, Ryan, Pulte is to go visit a community and homes that are around 5-10 years old. It’s pretty surprising.

My recommendation is always to bite the bullet and go for mid grade builders OR buy a rehabbed older home in an established neighborhood.

Kyle Sasser

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