I’m interested in a house in Valrico. How is that area?

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I’m interested in a house in Valrico. How is that area?

Brandon is primarily late 1970-1990 suburbs. Valrico by extension is 1970s-2000s suburbs with bits of 2000-2010 thrown in here and there. There is not much newer than 2010 but there is some.

It is a little more rural than Brandon, especially the older the home. You can find some pretty sizable lots and even historic acreage though they do carry a hefty price tag.

Being a suburb though means traffic, stripmalls, and having to drive everywhere. From Valrico to interstate can take you 20-30 minutes in rush hour depending. Brandon actually has good food options and tons of variety, and plenty of golf and sports if you enjoy league stuff. But east west travel will put you on either 60, Lumsden, or Bloomingdale all of which are 4-8 lanes and busy.

Also there is an active rail line through Valrico so be mindful of that.

Personally I really like Valrico as it does have a bit of soul and things on offer, and you can really find some choice communities in there if you’re looking for that blend of city/county. Compared to say Apollo Reach / Riverview, where yes the homes are newer but there is much more limited options for things to do.

Also being mostly built, it will mostly continue as it is now. Proximity and ease of access to Tampa is primary factor so prices should stay good there.

Kyle Sasser

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