I’m interested in a house in Pebble Creek. How is that area?

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I’m interested in a house in Pebble Creek. How is that area?

Pebble Creek in particular is in a bit of a shakeup currently with the golf course closing. There are a couple of good sections but also some really neglected corners.

It is the least expensive but currently the most problematic in the area. 

IF golf proximity is the thing there are some other options in that area (Tampa Palms, Heritage Isles, Hunters Green) but those tend to be more expensive than Pebble Creek.

The other thing is getting into or out of New Tampa is… well, it gets really, really based up on Bruce B Downs and I75, as is also the case with Wesley Chapel. So if say you need to get downtown or close to the airport regularly it could take you an hour during rush hour to make that drive one way.

If you’re looking for a suburb feel but maybe a little closer to the city / shorter commute into the city, I would recommend checking out Temple Terrace east of 56th if you want a little larger home with a larger lot, Lake Magdalene / Carrollwood if you want a little more modern (the 1970s-1990s) community, Northdale is 1980s-2000s.

Westchase as someone else mentioned is also a great choice and the closest master-planned community but prices have climbed well above 450k now.

Countryway just to the south will have some options but most would prefer Carrollwood as Countryway is a little spotty in sections.

Brandon can also be a great fit, however, you would need to know your commute as it’d vary wildly from there depending on where you are heading.

And, so far as VA loans go, they are not the millstone they once were since market demand has relaxed a bit. Even then I had a lot of success getting VA loans accepted on offers without giving away the horse.

Kyle Sasser

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