I’m getting quotes of $40,000 for a tile roof. Does that sound good?

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I'm getting quotes of $40,000 for a tile roof. Does that sound good?

For roofs you will usually want to get 5 quotes. 1-3 is too few, and you may only get outliers (really high or really low).

You don’t want cheap. You want quality. These things have to be installed with professional care. The tiles are expensive sure but the waterproofing is primarily the underlayment… the tiles are to shed water and protect the underlayment.

Cheapo roofers get that low of a price by cutting corners on skill and materials. And while medium and high prices don’t guarantee quality work, lowest bids almost always guarantee lowest quality and service.

Tile roof is supposed to last 30 – 40 years, so over lifetime that higher price becomes marginal, especially if someone has to redo it in 5-15 because they screwed up the underlayment.

So anyways, with 4-5 quotes you start to see a distribution pattern and can rule out extreme low end bids.

Tile and metal are usually 2-4 times as expensive as shingle, and I’d expect a 3k shingle to be in the 15k – 20k range so we’re looking to be in range.

Kyle Sasser

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