I have an emotional support animal and landlord is saying no. IS that correct?

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I have an emotional support animal and the landlord is saying no.
IS that correct?

The short answer is if it’s an official documented Emotional Support Animal or Service Animal then landlords are required to make reasonable accommodations according to the Fair Housing Act. Here’s the actual information on service animals:


If multiple animals that get a lot trickier but if just the one it’s pretty clear cut.

Now, there’s no Real Estate Police, unfortunately, to handle this for you, at least not immediately.

Usually, the easiest way is to inform landlords that the fair housing act requires landlords to make reasonable accommodations. That usually will do the trick… begrudgingly.

And remember you do need to actually get this documented medically as well…. can’t just call Fido “emotional support”.

If they still refuse then you have two options: Hire a real estate attorney to write demand letters and report the landlord to a Fair Housing Assistance agency near you here:


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