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At Ashlar, I firmly b that an educated home buyer or seller is best equipped to make their own decisions. That’s why I take time out of my day each and every day to answer someone’s real estate question.  And, when I think the answer can be useful to you as well, I share it here.  So without further ado:


Where do young families live and where are the good schools?

As far as good schools and diversity, I can tell you that any real estate professional that answers that question for you is violating the Fair Housing Act and demonstrating either ignorance of their duty or willingness to breach Federal Law and literally textbook examples of Fair Housing Act violations.

What I can tell you is that Tampa Bay is nice in the fact that basically everyone lives everywhere, with one exception being 55+ communities, where you will usually find people aged 55+. But even then you will find folks younger than 55 living there if the community allows it. Tampa Bay is so varied that we have long been a test bed for restaurants as well political polling and similar surveys.

Also, on schools, compared to most of the rest of the country I have yet to speak with anyone impressed by ours, no matter what its rating. It’s just not something Florida is good at.

Also, only use the state’s school reports:

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