Centerville, Ohio Homes For Sale

Centerville Homes For Sale

Centerville is a Great Place!

Harmoniously blends modern comforts with a storied past. With well-preserved architecture and charming historic districts, Centerville invites residents and visitors to immerse themselves in its timeless appeal.

If you’re looking for Centerville homes for sale, you will find a wealth of information here both about current homes on the market as well as what you can expect living in this wonderful Montgomery County neighborhood.

If you’re curious about what schools are available nearby, where the closest parks and boating options are read on!

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Nearby Neighborhoods


Located close to downtown Dayton, Kettering features both 1930s to midcentury homes on smaller lots closer to downtown as well as larger homes on 1/2 acres with tree lined boulevards, plus active community centers and plenty of activities to be had.

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One of the premier historic cities in the Dayton area, Oakwood is like no other with a primary focus on lifestyle. Featuring very well maintained historic homes both modest all the way up to mansion.

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Washington Township

Washington Township covers a large area, from the Mad River Rd corridor to Social Row. Homes are on larger lots than the city, with ages ranging from roughly the 1950s to new construction, with easy access to interstate.

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Miamisburg features a vibrant historic riverside downtown district as well as more suburban connections closer to interstate 75. Miamisburg has something to offer just about everyone.

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