Can the power company come onto my property and install equipment?

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Can the power company come onto my property and install equipment?

Power company burying power lines is overall a pretty good thing. Delivers more reliable power, lowers overall maintenace issues during storms, etc.

So far as “can they?”. The short answer is a resounding Yes. Utility easements grant the utility providers the ability to access their lines and equipment on your property without even really having to check with you or even letting your know.

Think of it in the reverse. Just imagine the nightmare scenario it would be if the power, water, or cable company had to get the permission of each and every property owner that their equipment crosses to do any sort of maintenance or improvement?

Utility easements solve that problem. And more than likely that easement has been there for 100 years or since it was platted.

Now, they DO usually send out a notice informing your that this work will be going on. But your permission isn’t required.

If you look at your survey from when you purchased the utility easement should show up there. Now if they are doing work outside the easement that’s a much different story. So it’s worthwhile to check.

Kyle Sasser

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