Can I dig a pond on wetlands?

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Can I dig a pond on wetlands?

Wetlands are protected, meaning generally speaking you can’t change, build or modify it in any way. There are also setback requirements where you can’t build any improvements with certain footage of a wetlands line.

Digging a pond is an improvement, and if you do so without proper authorization and approval you will eventually be in a world of hurt,m fines, and told to return it to the state it was in previously. Our wetlands are critical to our water supply as they provide filtration and aquifer replenishment.

Contact your county zoning and they will be able to fill you in on what you are and are not allowed to do. Sometimes you can get a variance to do what you want inside of wetlands by purchasing offsetting wetlands credits.

Also just because it’s low doesn’t mean it’s wetlands. You will need a survey to be sure.

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