Are there any plans to turn USF area around in Tampa?

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Are there any plans to turn USF area around in Tampa?

University area is a bit like West Tampa… it’s always the ‘next hot spot’ but never quite turns out that way. Economic forces are such that there will be new construction for the school and commercial projects but the residential areas to the west and south will be quite a while before it starts to renovate.

Temple Terrace however is becoming a bit more on people’s radar as a cool spot to live, which is love overdue. And before anyone says anything negative need to familiarize themselves with Temple Terrace actual limits. It’s probably not the area you’re thinking of:,+FL/@28.0411276,-82.409691,13z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m6!3m5!1s0x88c2c6541ae47a6d:0x329322bd60142360!8m2!3d28.0352964!4d-82.3892596!16zL20vMHJsZ2c

Anyways, there are residential areas much more likely areas to redevelop before USF area because quite frankly the school isn’t important enough to cause a major shift in nearby residential neighborhoods… or else it would have happened already.

Honestly it has improved some since I lived up that way but other spots in the city have taken priority, primarily because Tampa finally remembered it actually has a river and waterfront.

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