AirBnB’s codes don’t work

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AirBNBs still operating while code doesn’t allow them?

Here’s the problem: Evey city, county, condo, and HOA can have its own rules. Enforcement is usually easiest the closer the enforcement is.

So Condos and HOAs, while many complain about HOA nazis, this is one case where, as long bylaws prevent transient rentals, enforcement is very straightforward.

Cities have their own laws as well. Hillsborough is a little weird in that there are only 3 cities (Tampa, Plant City, Temple Terrace), the rest is in the county. But city code enforcement, especially in Tampa requires the residents to make noise. First to get the code put in place, then to be notified of violations, and then enforce the code can be handled pretty quickly once motivated.

Tampa does not really actively patrol for code violations like this. They aren’t browsing Airbnb looking for violators. They don’t even really actively patrol for building code violations (at least not like Pinellas cities), so to think they have someone monitoring AirBNB is just a fantasy. Is it easy? Sure. But no one with authority is doing so because otherwise, it wouldn’t be an issue.

So it’s on the citizens then, to make reports and make this be an issue. Because if there is no enforcement, the code only penalizes people who follow the rules.

After all, you are the neighbors with the ability to vote for the commissioners and mayor. So you get results by many of your making your voice heard.

You may ask why a Realtor is against AirBNBs? And, I’m not. I’m more for equal enforcement and intelligent zoning/planning.

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